Upcoming Trips


Convision 20/20 – 2018


I spent sometime with a good friend/colleague Dr. Guillermo Amescua who started his passion project of helping the people of Mexico. The clinic is in Juarez, Mexico, just on the other side of El Paso. With the help of local business people who are striving to improve their region, this clinic provides quality vision care regardless of what the patient can pay. We are in the midst of exploring further collaboration in terms of the oculoplastics needs there.

Ghana – January 2019

We will return to Friends' Eye Center at the end of January for one week with donated equipment that improves the pediatric anesthesia monitoring during surgery. We are working with local partners to outfit the operating theaters with a few more items such as better lighting, sterilizing equipment, and more patient tables. We have a few patients that we couldn't operate on last year because the lack of cauterization units, etc. We will be following up on these cases in particular. 

Kenya – April 2019

This is a brand new partnership for us. We will spend a week at Hekima Place, an all-girls orphanage, school to provide basic vision screening and develop partnership with the local hospital for future work in that area of Nairobi. Our team for this trip will also consist of oral surgeons, gynecologist, nurses, and volunteers to meet the needs of the orphanage. Most of these girls of various ages have never had a basic physical. In addition to the medical services, we hope to be an inspiration for the girls, especially the ones who hope to become healthcare providers. 

Dominican Republic – Summer 2019

West Bank – 2019